TeleRAD IT is a leading provider of web‑based teleradiology solutions.

Our simple web‑based teleradiology solution replaces the need for an expensive in‑house PACS/RIS/ARCHIVAL platform. Switching to TeleRAD IT eliminates the need for expensive hardware, software licensing, hosting, maintenance, engineering, clerical and transcription services for medical teams and facilities around the world. Our pay‑per‑case model significantly reduces the cost of your image management system and connects your team to the interpreting physicians flawlessly. Contact our team today to learn more.

A completely outsourced PACS/RIS/ARCHIVAL solution for your Med‑Environment.
State of the art servers, teleradiology hosting solutions and software.
Continuous monitoring for system health, diagnostics, efficiency and uptime.
A complete web‑based solution that allows for over‑reads and support by remote physicians.
A software platform which delivers easy reading with worklist capabilities.
No cost for application upgrades.
24/7 senior level engineering support

Teleradiology Solutions Industry Background

The variety and scope of the various available teleradiology solutions, virtual radiology systems and clinical image management sytems can be enough to make your head spin. Let us put things in perspective.

Most larger medical facilities and teams typically implement a full PACS solution that requires multiple vendors and/or tens of thousands of dollars in up front hardware and software expenses. These increasingly outdated systems are a hassle to plan, install and maintain and frequently become outdated before they are even up to speed. Images can take forever to download, and the systems often have trouble servicing both internal and external users. The end result is too often terrible physician commitment to the system and frustration amongst both staff and patients.

At TeleRAD IT we’ve partnered with AMICAS®, a world leader in virtual radiology systems technology, to bring our clients the very best all‑in‑one teleradiology solution. Our ground‑breaking web‑based offering includes all of the hardware, software, support and network infrastructure needed to drive our stellar imaging solution platform, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional PACS implementation.

With a web‑based teleradiology solution, the location of your interpreting physician is no longer an issue. Regardless of whether it’s an in‑house doctor or a teleradiology professional thousands of miles away, the TeleRAD IT virtual radiology system provides instant access to the necessary images, and a fantastic interface and dynamic worklist for easy case management.